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About us

Our campaign is about being on the side of ordinary people, against what is seen as an increasingly bullying and patronising anti-sugar establishment. Our ultimate aim is to get the sugar tax repealed.

Anti-sugar campaigners have the ear of our MPs in Parliament. When these campaigners say 'jump', MPs respond with 'how high?'. But it's not just the MPs, it's the media too.

Most of the national media outlets give these campaigners blanket media coverage, no matter how newsworthy their story might be. We hear regularly of some media organisations refusing to give a 'right to reply' to industry or to low-tax campaign groups.

So our job is to stick our tanks on the lawn of the anti-sugar establishment.

Our job is to provide a voice for ordinary people who suddenly find their Ribena recipe has been ruined with less sugar, or who find they have to pay a wholly irrational and unjustified tax increase on their favourite soft drink.

We look for any opportunities we can to highlight hypocrisy on the part of MPs. We do our best to hold soft drinks companies to account for their reduced-sugar drinks, and we look for evidence that can further support the case for scrapping the sugar tax.

We're also pressing the Treasury to reveal how much taxpayers' money has been spent on implementing the tax so far.

Our campaign is going to get bigger and better in the years to come, and we will be doing all we can to get this unpopular and bizarre tax on soft drinks repealed.