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Donate today

 Every pound donated to our campaign will make a difference. As a grassroots campaign, every single contribution goes straight back into our campaign. We're not funded by industry. We rely on the generosity of our supporters.

We're up against the anti-sugar establishment. Well-funded anti-sugar campaigners have the ear of our MPs in Parliament. They get blanket coverage in the national media almost every week, and their relentless demands on sugar is leading to less and less choice for ordinary people.

The sugar tax is a prime example of this. The only people calling for the tax were a few dozen health campaigners, and a celebrity chef. With cosy relationships with MPs and ministers, their influence over this regressive and pointless tax is a low for our democracy.

Help us fight the anti-sugar establishment by donating to our campaign today. Your money can help us reach more people, and can help sway opinion over this tax. Please donate whatever you can today. Thank you for your support.