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17 June 2018

Today's obesity strategy announcement - a cop-out by politically correct politicians!

People against Sugar Tax has slammed today's obesity strategy announcement by the Government as a 'blame everyone else except the parents strategy'.

Today's announcement details plans to consult on a possible ban on displaying chocolate near check-outs, a ban on 'buy-one, get-one free', and a possible milkshake tax in 2021.

This is a 'blame everyone else except the parents strategy'. It's a disgraceful cop-out by PC politicians who would rather blame Tony the Tiger than parents for their child being fat.

There is zero evidence that any of this will solve the obesity issue. It does, however, penalise everyone else, and will also put the shopping bills up.

It's very disappointing to see our spineless politicians cave into the demands from a few dozen health campaigners, and a celebrity chef.

Brook Whelan

Chief Executive of People against Sugar Tax