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2 April 2018

Sugar tax increasingly unpopular

The UK sugar tax, also known as the Soft Drinks Levy, starts this week, and is proving to be increasingly unpopular with people up and down the country. The sugar tax, pushed by Jamie Oliver, has put huge pressure on soft drinks companies to reduce the sugar in their drinks, upsetting thousands of loyal customers.

A month ago, Ribena became the latest brand to reduce the sugar in their core drink by more than 50%.And the reduced bottle sizes for Coca Cola have already hit the shops. Together with the decision by Subway and Pizza Hut to withdraw full-sugar Pepsi, people are now realising just how the sugar tax will impact their lives.

With the sugar tax starting this week, people are slowly recognising what a ludicrous tax this really is.

And we must remember the British people did not want this tax. The only people wanting this tax were a few dozen health campaigners and a celebrity chef. These are the ones to blame for poor-tasting reduced sugar soft drinks and smaller bottle sizes.

Brook Whelan

Chief Executive of People against Sugar Tax