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19 March 2018

New research shows 'junk food' advertising makes up just 0.7% of all UK advertising spend

New research from People against Sugar Tax shows that the amount of money spent on so-called 'junk food' advertising makes up a tiny 0.7% of all advertising spend in the UK.The figures show that 'junk food' advertising spend in 2016 was £143 million, but that the total advertising spend across all industries was £21.4 billion.

Health campaigners frequently say that children are being 'bombarded' with adverts for unhealthy foods as they continue to lobby for more restrictions on advertising.

These figures show that health campaigners are exaggerating the 'junk food marketing' problem, and are misleading politicians and the public with their calls for more nanny state regulation.

By anyone's standards, £143 million out of a huge £21.4 billion is a drop in the advertising ocean.

Brook Whelan

Chief Executive of People against Sugar Tax