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Soda taxes in the US

In the last few months, a backlash against soda taxes has begun in the US, and it started off with Santa Fe.

In a special election last May, voters in Santa Fe, New Mexico resoundingly rejected a proposed soda tax for their city. In some districts, the 'no' vote reached an astonishing 70% as residents and business owners made their opinions known on this regressive tax.

In October, local politicians in Chicago voted to repeal a soda tax that had only been in effect for 10 weeks. But during those 10 weeks, small businesses, beverage industry workers, residents and politicians all came together to call for the tax to be given the boot.

In November, Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a bill that bans soda taxes anywhere in the state. And a similar ban on taxes has been signed into law in Arizona too.

There are also moves to ban soda taxes in California, Washington state, Pennyslvania, and Oregon too. The California and Oregon campaigns involve petitions, which require a certain number of signatiures and if they meet this target, the proposal to ban these taxes will go on the ballot in November's elections.