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Write to your MP

Over the last 12 months, many soft drinks brands have reduced the sugar in their drinks because of pressure from anti-sugar campaigners, resulting in thousands of customers complaining about the new taste.

The controversy first took off last April, when Suntory, the owners of Lucozade Energy, reduced the sugar in Lucozade Orange by more than 50%. In the first three months alone, there were at least 3,212 complaints on social media. In January, AG Barr reduced the sugar in Irn Bru by more than 50%, and in March, the sugar in Ribena was also reduced, and replaced with artificial sweeteners.

We recognise that soft drinks brands are offering a solution with their reformulation efforts, but they already offer existing low and non-sugar products. Irn Bru do a sugar-free version already, and Ribena Light has been available in the shops for years. This additional reformulation we've seen in the last 12 months has been wholly unnecessary.

Are you unhappy with the taste of your soft drink of choice? Have you been affected by the changes to Lucozade, Irn Bru and Ribena?

Then email your MP and tell them this. Tell them your soft drinks have been ruined by anti-sugar campaigners, and that you want to see the sugar tax scrapped. That's all you need to say. It will take less than five minutes.